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That stuff you have had languishing at the bottom of your shooting bag, or the back of your cupboard, for months - or even years, that you haven’t yet got round to parting with! You know you really want to sell it on, even if it is only to make room for more “shooting bling” that you are convinced will increase your match scores. ADMIT IT .... We all do it!

Look at this service as a PO Box; you get to advertise your stuff, without publicising your contact details. I will give the item a reference number and invite potential buyers to email ME in the first instance at the ‘webmaster’ email address. I will then pass on their details to you and you can contact the interested party (if you wish to) and conclude the transaction yourself. I must be mad, but I don’t even want a commission for doing it!

You can even OFFER firearms PROVIDING you conduct the final transaction (exchange) ‘face to face’ to comply with the law (after of course ensuring they are in possession of the requisite paperwork with ‘space’ on it)

A photo would be useful - or if it is a ‘common’ item I may be able to find a ‘stock’ photo somewhere (subject to Copyright Laws)

Contact me via the webmaster link           

As a potential purchaser of an item for sale, by notifying the webmaster of your interest, you are giving permission for your name and email address to be shared with the seller of the item.