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Do you have a Range Conducting Officer qualification?

Would you be prepared to RO at the Bisley Championships in September? Not for the whole event, but to permit the regular RO a comfort break; or to hopefully shoot their own discipline or even just to gain yourself some experience. If you think you might have a couple of hours ‘downtime’ and believe that you could assist please email R. Skidmore on roliaison@psukshooting.org

If you have the time to help a little longer - say half a day or a day or more you will be more than welcome AND you will get a voucher for a free luch!

If you can assist we will ensure you are utilised within the area of your expertise - ie: we won’t put a shotgun RO on an airgun range! . . . . . . . (Although that could be interesting! - ED)

We are still looking for someone to take over running this website. You might have ideas how to smarten it up, streamline it or do something else to it!

All you need to remember is that this is the centre where all police shooters can come for information and unfortunately due to other commitments at work, domestically and socially I now, no longer have the spare capacity to maintain it as often as I would like