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You will require Adobe (or similar) PDF reader or viewer to be able to see many of the results pages. If you do not already have the facility you may download it for free by clicking this link. . .

Bisley Open Championships

Winter Postal Leagues

Short Range Rifle and Pistol Championships

Summer League (50m Rifle & LSR)

(Confined) Long Range Small Bore Rifle Championships

SPRA Scottish LR Championships

USPE Results and Reports

Previous Police Sport UK (Full Bore) Champions

Previous Police Sport UK (SmallBore) Champions

Police Sport UK Record Scores

NSRA Silver Medal Winners

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These have been updated to reflect changes to targets in some competitions and changes to scoring protocols in others.

Please consider them to be a temporary measure for the time being (although temporary COULD easily be a year or two!), Whilst a more user friendly format or version is formulated.

Entries that are ‘greyed out’ are the previous records (where available), as it has been suggested that old records should still be visible to provide a timeline. I have therefore ‘gone back’ over archived record lists and re-inserted those that I can.