Sauer Shooting Boots                       Size 47 (UK 12-13)


Used “on and off” for 2-3 years but no use in the last 7 yrs. ISSF compliant - despite ‘square’ toe in picture ..... In VGC


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ANSCHUTZ 1813 .22 Rifle

Pre loved .22 Anschutz target rifle model 1813, 660mm barrel, normal heavy profile, prone stock, for a right handed shooter, with adjustable cheek piece and older, fixed type, butt hook (not the newer Armadillo type). Anschutz steel rear sight with a colour filter and adjustable iris, standard Anschutz front sight with additional spirit level attached. Exterior of the barrel is clean, wood stock has the usual marks indicating normal usage

£800.00                                         Photo to follow

SAM .22 50m Target Pistol

Pre owned .22 SAM (Swiss Arms Manufacturing) UK Spec, single shot 50 metre target pistol. Fitted with a large right handed walnut grip, which has been slightly altered to suit a previous owner. Please note this a manual operated mechanism ie NOT battery powered. Trigger is nice and crisp and breaks with minimal effort. Pistol overall in a nice clean condition, and comes with operating instructions and a carrying case.

£700.00                                         Photo to follow

WALTHER LP400 ‘Carbon’ Air Pistol

Only six months old and with little use the current owner “cannot get on with it”. This is the latest variant with the Carbon effect barrel shroud. (As per the pic)

                 The grip is Large and Right-handed, with no modification, paste or grinding. The air cylinder, dated 02/17 can be used until 2027. THEN use the voucher included to exchange the cylinder for a new one to give you another 10 years!

Includes barrel weights, fill adapter (obviously) and tools all enclosed in a Walther carry case.

The NGB and a Scottish retail outlet are selling these for OVER £1500.00                      Offers around £1200.00


Only six months old and only used 2 to 3 times with the LP400 above. M Size - Too small for the sellers shovel-like hands.  £150.00 ono


I have managed to acquire a handfull of “BoreSnakes” all for .22 calibre  … (I may be able to source other calibres)

Whilst you can’t beat a good old fashioned cleaning rod and patches, this is a quick clean option before packing up and heading home after a shoot.

Unbelievably the NSRA shop are selling these (in fancy plastic packaging that will end up in a landfill or at the bottom of the ocean) for £22.00 ??

These are in a poly bag and will set you back £5.00 (+p&p)


Champion Olympic – Shooting frame  TWO PAIRS

Claimed to be the best shooting frames money can buy.

The lens in its (25mm) holder is adjustable in all directions.

New arms (sprung to wrap round the ear to prevent the frame sliding down).

Screw threaded across the top bar to make side to side movement easy whilst in the shooting position.

E-Bay has them at £255.00 new – a Scottish retailer has them at £240.00

1 pair were used for Prone the second pair were latterly used for Air Pistol - both pairs are fitted with the 25mm lens holder - you only need the larger lens holders for pistol if you shoot longer distances 25m or 50m - although I still used the pistol setup when I shot 50m pistol!

As these are used, £100.00 will procure each of them. Please note unless you require the extra’s (below) you will be buying the box, frame, 1 lens holder and 1 hex ‘screwdriver.

I have removed the old lenses

Spare 25mm lens holder                       £15.00  RRP  £25.00

Iris (for Pistol)                                        £50.00  RRP  £75.00

Longer nose piece                                £20.00  RRP  £25.00

Spare Ear piece set (used)                  If you buy a frame and want them - 1st request secures them   RRP £37.00




5 x G Jones “DICAL-10” 10m Target Changer

All five sets are as pictured so come complete with ‘control’ box, target backplate and pellet catch, target carrier and the nylon ‘string’/rubber ‘stops’. (All 5 checked and in working order)

All you therefore need is a power supply, a wall (to screw the backplate on), a bench to secure the control box, a target and someone to shoot at it/them.

£120.00 each (if sold singly) or all 5 for £500.00

Sorry, shooter not included!


HARING PA10 - Turning Targets

“Automatic” on pre-set timings, or can be operated manually.

The following are links to You Tube where you can see them at work …. or

Guide price £420 to £450


TWO Megalink 4K187’s at 10m that operate independently in PC configuration. We have just decided to replace them as we are buying targets for the 25 yard range and have opted to standardise on Meyton. They are complete with cables, USB connector, MLShoot software and are registered with the NSRA. They are not immediately available as we have to order and commission our new equipment but they should become surplus to requirements by late spring.

Price circa £1500-1700 each dependent upon whether you want the target stand and pellet catchers.  

Can also be used for 50m rifle!


Items 4.1; 4.2; 4.3….. Collect only