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This site contains details of the shooting section of Police Sport UK and provides a central information point for keeping up to date with police sport target shooting throughout the UK

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You missed it ……..?

PSUK Bisley 2016 has been and gone - where were you?

The requested weather turned up on cue, entries were UP (so I am led to believe), even Kenya sent their Smallbore Rifle team over (so don’t say it was too far to travel!) and there were no less than 18 new record scores established across a multitude of events. For some it was ‘too hot’, others complained about ‘mirage’ but almost everyone agreed it was better to be like that than the torrential downpours of 2015.

We DID have torrential rain BUT that was saved for the handful who remained to pack away on Friday morning - or who were staying to R.O. at the pistol meeting over the weekend.

Book your leave for next year . . . . 12th, 13th, 14th September 2017 …… go on, you KNOW you want to . . . !

Short Range Championships 2017

The finals of the 2017 Short Range Championships will be held in N. Ireland. Details were included with the Winter entry forms and competition labels.   FULL details will be sent out to those who qualify to attend.

‘Mainland’ issued FAC’s are now accepted in N.Ireland. But Air Pistols and Air Rifles will need a temporary permit. A permit will costs £11.00 and you can put more than one onto it. This link will take you to the form you need to fill in, complete it and you can scan and email it back to PSNI.

USPE 2017

Following the postponement of the 2015 USPE which was due to be held in Turkey, the USPE website has now posted that the rearranged event will be held in Kazan, Russia 17 to 22 July 2017 . . . . . . NOT “Kazzaam” as in Aladdin!

Kazan is in Tatarstan and is approx 700Km east of Moscow, but of course you knew that already!


2019 is Suhl, Germany - Date to be fixed


After 27 years of looking after the Police Sport UK Shooting Sections trophies, Peter Westbrook has stepped down from the post of Trophy Officer. Peter had become irreplaceable!

Subject to the required permissions from their home force we hope to be able to announce a successor to Peter soon.